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the only member of a group who has an iphone and thus everyone asked this person to look up movie times or scores of games etc.
Hey iphone bitch what time does that movie start
by Mr.Ham September 25, 2009
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a type of dementia that occurs when one holds a poop in for too long and develops a very shitty attitude
Bus Driver- "everyone shit out your Taco Bell now we have an 8 hour bus ride ahead of us and i dont want anyone developing poop dementia on my bus"
by Mr.Ham November 22, 2010
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cases occur when an iPhone is lost stolen or broken

most cases last about a week because a replacement is always gotten
1. "Why does Bill looks like he's about to die?"

2. "O he's going threw iPhone withdraw because he had an iPhone for 2 years but dropped it in his deep fryer 2 hours ago, it will be a least a day before he gets a knew one"

1. "omg that poor soul"
by Mr.Ham July 19, 2010
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a dumbass person who texts and drives and is likely one day to hit and kill a person/people while texting, people who text and drive are better off being drunk casue at least there will be watching the road
Officer: what caused you to go off the road and run your car into a park killing 10 people

Driver: i was texting :(

Officer: Damn texten drivers
by Mr.Ham July 01, 2010
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The act of moving your straw up and down in hopes of finding some lost beverage buried within the ice
I thought I had some mountain dew left so I decided to start drink drilling, after 3 hours I decided to give up
by Mr.Ham March 08, 2011
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a males checklist before he goes anywhere

Cellphone, Wallet, Keys
CWK, ok im ready for pussy tonight!
by Mr.Ham November 29, 2010
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a term used when your with you friends and you want to save you seat when you get up

Seven is refering to the seven minutes you have to reclaim your seat
"Im getting up to get a beer, Sevens!"
by Mr.Ham May 02, 2010
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