To take control of a term that has a pejorative context. queer, dyke, and queen are examples of words that have been reclaimed by the LGBT community. Taking control of a slur removes the ability of bigots to use that term in a hurtful manner. Reclaiming empowers marginalized communities.

NOTE: Do not use reclaimed words that are not part of your sexual, racial, or ethnic self-identification. For example: do not use the n word or variant words to describe yourself if you're not part of the African American community. Or, don't use words like fag or faggot if you are not a gay man. Reclamation is only for those people who have historically suffered because of the word in question. Outsiders, even sympathetic outsiders, should not use reclaimed words casually.

Even if you are part of a community that uses reclaimed terms, be selective in how you use them. Don't use reclaimed terms to start a fight where you and or others might be physically or verbally attacked. Use discretion.
When I encounter Christian fundamentalists who try to put me down for being gay, I say that 'I am a faggot'. I want to reclaim the word from haters to they can't use it to hurt others.
by poorbrokegradstudent July 25, 2010
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To take back.

reclaim now a days normally has something to do with "taking back words" like for instance the vagina monologues and the word pussy, sadly this is a horrible misuse of the word (reclaim) for one simple reason you have to have once been in possession of something to reclaim it so yeah PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY!!!

Ps. it works better if the thing you’re reclaiming is tangible
The Rock will reclaim his title
by Luke Neville October 30, 2006
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Used as adjective or adverb to describe the broad process of reclamation. As a noun, the agent of the reclaiming process. To bring back into circulation some idea, product, artefact, use, tool, etc. To restore to contemporary practice some seemingly defunct mode of doing or being. To synthesize old things into new as in infrastructures, sounds, imagery, texts. Essentially to restore value to something considered lost or antiquated. Someone who adheres to the idea that such a process holds value, utility, and relevance.
Reclaimant urbanism is the ongoing study and project to find relevance within the broken fabric of formerly integrated urban spaces.
Reclaimant poetry utilizes individual phrases and pieces of language that are intentionally designed to relay contextual value based on historical and contemporary meanings or understandings.
In practice I find myself to be a reclaimant.
by JBlankissuper December 10, 2010
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Karen's only chance of getting married at here age was to find a divorced giy. I'm glad she found some reclaimed wood.
by Chuck Wang100 November 30, 2017
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Residue left over from a THC concentrate smoking device, the residue can be smoked again this called reclaim.
I got a bunch of reclaim dabs from my rig, want to smoke that?
by Solivagant December 2, 2020
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Any insult specific to a social group that members of that group have over time began to call eachother by, thus making it ineffective. However, it is considered inappropriate that an outsider to that group uses the term for fear fo being branded prejudiced.
kike/hymie, nigger/nigga, dyke, queer etc
by Gumba Gumba May 28, 2004
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