seven minutes was 90's playground slang for having a cigarette, because this was the appropriate amount of time it took to smoke and socialise before classes.

It was also used as a code in front of authority figures.
Hey Leanne, you got seven minutes to spare?
by Adam the Billionth January 22, 2007
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A party game involving two people in a closet for seven minutes doing... whatever you can do in seven minutes... kissing, fooling around, hooking up, etc.
After their seven minutes is up the next couple enters the closet. There are many variations to this game; the two people might not know who's with them and have to guess in the end, etc. Couples might be chosen by rock, paper, scissors, or spinning a bottle.
I hooked up with a stranger for seven minutes in heaven.
by Jenvy!! August 27, 2007
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While at a costume party, hooking up with a stranger while playing seven minutes in heaven, then realizing that that stranger is your sister/brother when the costume is taken off.
at the party, the hot chick in the barbie costume turned out to be my own sister. it was more like seven minutes in hell!
by mickeyd23 February 20, 2011
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A game, often played by teenagers, in which two people, usually chosen at random, go into a closet or other private space and engage in sexual acts, ranging from making outto sex, for seven minutes. Occasionally, the length is extended to eleven minutes.
Jane: Why are you late to school today?

Mischa: I was so hungover and my mother was pissed because the cops broke up the party and brought me home at 2 AM. I'm grounded for 2 weeks!

Jane: That sucks.

Mischa: I know...and we just started Seven Minutes in Heaven!

Jane: Who were you paired with?

Mischa: Tanya.

by Jumping the Gun November 4, 2007
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An awkward moment of silence when no one has anything to say which occurs after seven minutes of conversation.
My date and I were chatting really well then, out of the blue, the seven minute silence hit; bummer.
by Humpty December 29, 2004
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A simple variation of the fun family game 'seven minutes in heaven'

The female in the scenario must receive anal sex for a time no less than 7 minutes.

Necessary caveat: no lubrication may be present (mandatory)
Wow, Sally, I haven't been able to sit down since I played seven minutes in hell.
by dizzscroeder November 5, 2013
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A game or event at college parties, in which each guy at the party gets seven minutes in Sarah. "Sarah" is the slut at the party who likes penis and doesn't mind getting STIs. Most guys love "Sarah" and many girls do not.
Let's play Seven Minutes in Sarah after we are finished playing beer pong.

Why haven't I gotten my Seven Minutes in Sarah yet??
by collegechick333 February 4, 2011
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