When you are sick of either three-dimensional or two-dimensional media, so you want to see something different.
Whenever I get dementia, I switch from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario 64, and when I get sick of both, I crave a fourth-dimensional Mario game, so now I'll have dementia until Nintendo makes that.
by ducus10000 April 9, 2018
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When you get told to go to do a certain task, told about 30 seconds ago. You then walk to the room knowing the task. As soon as you enter the room you instantly forget the task. I have know idea how this happens or if the doors have dark magic or something. But the only logical explaination is that i have dementia.
Timmy: yo tf was i supposed to do again?
by i out pizza'd the hut November 4, 2020
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A devastating condition that many elderly people enter. It often results in progressive memory loss and an inability to perform basic tasks.

It is not an illness perse, but rather a series of symptoms that may be associated with many diseases such as Huntington's disease.

People with dementia live in realities of their own.
(At a nursing home, facing person with dementia)

Demented person: Hi, what's your name?

Me: Hi! I'm Ken. What's your name?

Demented person: I'm going to bed!

Me: Huh?

Demented person: Can I kiss you?

Me: :( //backs away nervously
by VolunteerManNurse July 29, 2011
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dementia is a condition that causes the patient to. .. t ... uh... ... uh.... .. sorry what was i just saying?
...what was that?...

... huh? ... where am i?? ... i cant .. remember anything ....

i just cant tell... .. am i even awake... . .. am i dreaming?? .. ... .. what is real?.? .... ..

by arrrrrrrrrran October 24, 2022
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person1: look there goes that democrat what is he saying person2: IDK something about dementia 2020 dementia 2020 i think i don´t speak libtard
by poo in my butt69 December 2, 2020
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Um, like, if you lose two of the six ADLs like dressing, eating or inconsonants of your vowels or if you have Oldtimer's disease or dementeea you can, like, qualify for a Long Term Care benefit.
I really wasn't thinking when I ripped mah pants - must've been the dementia
by Melanie Cotton April 1, 2005
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"That dimension fever we all have." A joke used at the begging of a video titled "2D to 3D - Scott the Woz" by YouTuber Scott the Woz
Dimensions am I right? I've decided to make a term for that dimension fever we all have from time to time, Dementia!!

Urban Dictionary doesn't know what's about to hit it.

This is the Wikipedia article for puberty
by Yoshomay June 6, 2020
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