96 definitions by Meg

being totally bummed out
Kid 1: "I've got a 10 page paper due tomorrow and I haven't started."
Kid 2: "Bumskied dude."
by Meg April 04, 2005
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Term used in soccer, denoting when you hurl a ball at someone's head to try to knock their glasses off, but you don't quite manage it.

"Nice troy, that."
by Meg March 31, 2004
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(N.) Crafty Mexican. Virgin. Alot of sexual frustration and potential all wrapped up in a mexicano burrito.
Damn, I'd fuck that Reemer ... I'd fuck him good.
by Meg January 14, 2004
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A sheep-like cartoon, its small and has eyes of two different sizes. Its strictly fictional.
Girl one :Man that sexy!
Girl two : I know the eyes are so uneven!
by Meg December 15, 2004
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Light-heart expletive used on those occasions when you feel you should be troubled, but sadly, don't actually give a fuck.
"My poor fat ugly sister can't make it down for Cristmas this year, dagnamet!"
by Meg September 23, 2003
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(noun) A stunning creature of high intelligence that enjoys devouring stupid humans.
Haha, that Pory just ate your mom!
by Meg April 10, 2003
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Simple: a Loser and a dork...i am not sure where the er was put in
Look at that guy...he's such a lorker
by Meg March 29, 2005
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