The abbrivation for Myocardiac Infarction
aka Heart Attack
commonly used in hospitals
Nurse: This patient is having an MI!
by ER freak December 24, 2005
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Minimum Increment - used commonly on deviantArt to state the minimum bidding increase.
Starting Price: 60
MI: 10
Auto Buy: 300
by Lucky_Icecube March 17, 2017
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Swedish abbreviation for Mechanical Integrity.
What is the impact on cost and MI compared with the previously presented version (Opt 1)?
by Lars the Destroyer September 23, 2010
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MI means middle initial. commonly used in forms of any type requiring your full name.
by Phil bamf February 26, 2008
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Abbreviation for Michigan; the mitten state and home of the great lakes!
by spamonie456 September 21, 2008
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I get mis when it rains.
by spacer_ October 7, 2008
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