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Miss Piglet, u know who you are *cara*. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I wouldn't be the person I am without you. Your like my best friend and ILUSM! Best friends till the end girl, LULAS!
Meg: and im hungry
Meg: and thirsty
Cara: lol
Cara: go get food and a drink smart one
Meg: lolz
Meg: thanx u o great Miss Piglet
Cara: LOL
by meg August 24, 2003
I am so damn cool I don't need any shit from you, and if you give it to me, I'm going to kick your ass
You know what, I'm Rick James, Bitch so you best back up!
by meg May 2, 2004
A dance, these are probably only held in loser towns like mine, but they DO exist, I assure you.
Guy: So...are you going to the mixer tonight?
Girl: I dunno...are you?
Guy: Well...I dunno...I asked you first!
Girl: Fuck the mixer, let's just have sex
Guy: Hellyes!
by meg November 27, 2003
A sheep-like cartoon, its small and has eyes of two different sizes. Its strictly fictional.
Girl one :Man that sexy!
Girl two : I know the eyes are so uneven!
by meg December 15, 2004
n. One who is a slutty dirty skanky hoe // Natcher: One who steals something
You natchy comff natcher
by meg January 1, 2005
the quality of being an asshole; behaving in the manner of an asshole
People who lean on their horns in a traffic jam in the hopes of the honking clearing traffic demonstrate their inate assholedry.
by meg May 25, 2004