In the words of sean hunter from boy meets world.

The Scent : When you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and all the girls/guys want you now.
EX 1 : Kelly and Michael : i love you, i love you too baby
Jack behind a bush : i sooo want her now.
EX 2 : Jim : Hi Tina!
Tina : *cold shoulder*
Jim : Hi Daisy!
Daisy : *cold shoulder*
Jim and Samantha : I love you so much baby. i love you too! i love you as my boyfrined!
Tina :Hey Jim
Daisy :Hi Jim!
Mrs.Tallman : Why hello jimmy boy.
Jim : Hey john why do they all like me now?

by Thewhite boy from cali March 1, 2007
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If you have experienced a dry-spell in the lady department and get laid unexpectedly, you now have "the scent."

The scent is the confidence achieved from that hookup. You have to take advantage of this confidence booster and find another girl before it wears off, usually two weeks later. If you do land another girl, the scent can keep paying forward.
Nick: I hadn't been laid in 6 months, but last night I got drunk and hooked up with a girl.

Robbie: Oh shit, dude, you better go out on the town every night while you still have the scent or it will be another 6 months for you!
by Metrosexuwell April 29, 2009
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When someone is taking a shower and you go in take a shit then don't flush... then when they get out of shower they are covered in your poop particles or your scent... it is common courtesy to also turn off fan when finished shitting.
I took a shit in the community dorm shower and scented all those fuckers!

My gd sister was taking forever in the shower so I gave her a good scenting!
by Damian Prophett December 23, 2014
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Women feet after having on socks or shoes on all day
Guy:Girl your feet smell

Girl: That my feet scent
by IGfeet May 15, 2018
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A game on ROBLOX where ages 6 - 60 go to have e-sex. Typically gets banned after about an hour and usually has a Discord server dedicated to uploading these games. Includes avatar modifiers which add male/female genitalia as well as an animation GUI. Short for Scented Condos, and is interchangeable with "Cons Scented", which is a play-on of "Consented". These games usually have a program which disables the chat filter.
Typical conversation in a Scented Cons game:

6-Year-Old: abc if u wanna have Sex
53-Year-Old: abc

mom: what are you doing???
6-Year-Old: playing roblox
mom: get off that game right now
53-year-old: oh yeah harder
mom: what is that person saying????
6-year-old: nothing
mom: *breaks laptop and beats 6-year-old*
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It is a remarkable and pleasant smell that comes from a healthy woman pussy that turn the men more attracted to them.
"The scent of a woman is more intense just before the female period, in order to attract the males."
by Willhelmina Plowes August 20, 2013
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