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Largely a load of superficial misandrist nonsense, dealing out platitudinous drivel about the obvious and obviously false. Taken seriously at Berkeley, but dismissed at decent universities.
'Hey dad, i'm thinking about taking women's studies at university next year.'

'What happened to philosophy, politics and economics, son?'

'Yeah right!...who wants to know about dead white men?!'

'i'll see you at the drive-thru.'
by Max Biggins August 03, 2012

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Pukka. it means the real mcCoy, genuine, echt, the real deal, bona fide, original.

'that thing about pukka being chinese slang for bitches was a load of shite'
by Max Biggins April 19, 2006

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Another clumsy and childish portmanteau word invented by feminists who are too lazy to actually change society for the better in any meaningful way.
Feminist: Excuse me, but I don't like people manterrupting me.
Human: I 'm sorry, but I thought you were just doing an impression of an electrocuted cat.
by Max Biggins September 28, 2016

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euph; anything that is large, greasy, covered in hair and reeks of fish.
when little miss muffet showed me her tuffet, i didn't expect it to be the billingsgate sasquatch.
by Max Biggins April 20, 2006

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A town on the south coast of England that is slowly succumbing to a tide of destitution and urban decay, which is unsual for a town of Bognor's size and location.

Visitors can try drinking in the Wetherspoons before being stabbed, get a celtic band or tribal at the various tattoo parlours, sample processed ham from the discount stores and even try their luck at a bingo hall and job centre.

You can test your local knowledge at a pub quiz on the sea front, where teams of pub employees join in to answer questions about their own pub, and you can witness first hand the summer spectacular of northerners beating up the red coats at Butlins then fighting with eastern europeans over the stuffed macaque they won in the Doner meat-eating contest.

There are retail parks featuring Matalan, Burger King and skulking coal-eyed chavs who only speak in vowels, and some lovely cashpoints at which to have your card cloned, or ripped from your hands by the feral children of a chain-smoking, morbidly obese Jabba with a wispy moustache.
You may also find yourself disorientated by a sudden burst of slavic languages from everyone around you, but this is a reflection of Bognor's multicultural diversity of poor white English and poor white Polish.

Bognor became famous for an appearance in the last episode of Wish You Were Here, in which Judith Chalmers was stalked by a family of Wendigo-people then dismembered and devoured. It was only ever aired on UKTV Gold.
Geoffrey Palmer: I once won an episode of Catchphrase, and Roy Walker gave me the choice of Bognor Regis or Chernobyl, which was still glowing at the time.

Christopher Timothy: I assume you went with Bognor?

Geoffrey Palmer: Only after I was absolutely convinced Chernobyl was utterly irradiated and swimming with mutants. As it turned out, Bognor wasn't quite as irradiated, but had a higher mutant count. Swings and roundabouts.
by Max Biggins November 01, 2012

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One subjected to the corporate, postmodern reheating of the beat culture, following in the footsteps of subcultures such as punk in the reappropriation of earlier cultural artifacts to create a sense of identity and meaning in the neoliberal post-cold war era. It is embraced by a relatively small cross-section of broadly liberal, bourgeois and metropolitain young people, because this group is the advertising industry's target demographic for items of conspicuous consumption. The hipster labours under the illusion of vitality, agency and difference, when all the subculture can aspire to is another iteration of post-industrial, postmodern consumer culture, and one exceedingly more open to co-option, repackaging and branding than punk or hip hop because of a political passivity, and the disposable income of its largely middle-class advocates.
What defines the hipster seems to be merely material, but also pathological introspection and self-consciousness, perhaps amplified by the fragmentation of society in a free market, and the rise of the self-centred 'apsiration' culture of the noughties; one that hipsters often think themselves very much apart from, but very much engage in.

Overall, it is a youth culture borne lifestyle choice rather than any meaningful social struggle and is, with every lenseless spec frame, every thread of distressed denim and bottlecap of Pabst, irrevocably part of what it so petulantly but naively dismisses as mainstream culture.
Anton; Hey, why do hipsters think they're independently-minded and breaking new artistic ground when they look the same and like the same stuff, usually indie music?
Chekov: Yes, their much vaunted cultural awareness creates such a sweet sense of schadenfreude in educated people. The hipster is blissfully unaware that his subculture is very much part of the wider cultural spasm of consumer capitalism expressing itself, and borrows heavily from previous subcultures. His jejune posturing is almost as endearing as that of schoolyard Marxists.
by Max Biggins January 23, 2014

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An adult with a job, family, friends and who indulges hobbies in a healthy manner.
May even live in their own house or apartment and drive a car, rather than living with their parents into their 30s and 40s and relying on public transport to get around, usually to a Yu-G-Oh touurnament or Doctor Who/Harry Potter/Weeb convention.
Usually reads books without drawings and speech bubbles, often about the real world.
Takes moderate exercise outdoors and has natural hair colour if under 40. Wears clothes without edgy slogans because they don't really want to get unwanted attention.
Knows how to prepare a meal because they've lived alone and realises it's part of being self sufficient. Can perform simple car maintenance and DIY rather than phoning up relatives or more useful friends in tears. Knows people who work across different trades and professions and whose social circle isn't limited to one group of socially inept, penniless dorks.
If male, then he can lift heavy things and runs. If female, she bathes. Doesn't worry about putting pronouns in their bio.
Doesn't really use social media.
'He is such a normie!'
'You mean he has a job, a house, a family reads books about science and history can lift heavy things fix up the house, and doesn't live on junk-food?'
by Max Biggins September 25, 2020

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