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A girls name for a pretty lady.

She is stunning, funny and really good in bed. She is great to be around and has a good vibe to her. She is very hyper and can be a crazy person at times but she can control it well. She is not bothered about anything and normally tries her hardest. I you have a Kcasta in your life, you should keep hold of her and get as many kisses in as you can!!! She is so amazing and really intelligent. DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!!!!!!!
I love Jocasta!
Yeah, she's so funny and cute!

Guess what? I hugged Jocasta yesterday!
LUCKY YOU!!!! :)

Jocasta is amazing!
by HappyUnicorn June 19, 2014
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An affectionate nickname for someone who may or may not have slept with her son.
Hey, Jocasta, ya doing anything this weekend?
by oedipus'mother September 19, 2008
Happy St. Patties Day!
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