when you walk ungracefully or un co-ordinatedly usually using lots of hand gestures and/or just doing something in an awkward kind of way
"oh my god laura you you keep spluttering past jack lister."

"oh, how embarrassing."
by hayden595 March 2, 2008
when you cant quite finish what you are doing or saying, due to an express of air
1)whilst in the middle of a funny joke a burp takes you off course.
2)whilst in serious conversation you cough and end up spitting in the face of your mate.
3)whilst in mid-excreetion, a pocket of air channels out your backside causing splutter on the rim
by Sam W. Ward April 1, 2008
An intense jerkin' session which ends in extreme self pleasure.
Tugging you'r meat fast, which then ends in splutterness all over ur hand....and maybe you'r face.

avoid eye contact
by Barry April 21, 2004
A long and haphazard trail of liquidized faeces, left by dogs with serious gastro-intestinal problems.
With wonder and awe we followed the Calcutta Splutter from avenue to alleyway.
by TheDefenestrator April 16, 2005
A very heavy and intense bout of diarrhea.
I shouldnt have eaten that street food last night, this morning I've had an insane amount of Calcutta splutter of bowel butter.
by Zonal K October 27, 2019
A super-strongly-expressed declining/disagreeing gesture, involving tightly shutting one's eyes and shaking one's head back and forth so rapidly/forcefully that one's cheeks/lips waggle violently from side to side; this is often accompanied by exhaling/humming so as to produce a loud rhythmic burbling sound as the head is shaken. Most often used by younger children, though adults may occasionally display the gesture, especially in regards to a topic that they feel extra-emotionally-charged about.
School menu-advisor, interviewing a new kindergarten student to learn his food-preferences: So you like oatmeal with milk and raisins okay... that's good... well, then, how about buckwheat cereal?
Youngster, assuming a horrified facial-expression and almost turning green before scrunching up his face and vigorously shaking his head: Wvvbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl!
School menu-advisor, amusedly marking "no" on the list of cafeteria-selections: Okay --- MAJOR lips-spluttering dissent on THAT one!
by QuacksO December 2, 2017
Where you make a loud burbling sound with your lips as you trip and go sprawling; this can help you to better focus your mind to hopefully not get hurt or damage anything in your fall, plus it will not overly alarm others in your general vicinity.
Petite slight-figured cutie: I totally love my new heart-throb like you wouldn't imagine; I just get concerned whenever we try to go for walks together across uneven ground like a lumpy grass-field, since he is not very sure-footed or steady-balanced in these terrains, plus he's much taller and bulkier than I am, and so I cannot safely/effectively try to catch him if he starts to topple over. He's usually able to land without injury if he has plenty of space to flail his arms and break his fall on the way down, though; I have therefore learned to just jump back out of the way whenever he makes a stumble-splutter, and so usually he merely thuds heavily without incident, and then simply clambers back up and takes my hand again to stroll on as if nothing happened.
by QuacksO August 17, 2018