A weeb is a person who is interested in anime and Japanese culture. There is an important difference between a weeb and a weeaboo. The latter is a person who denounced their own culture, believe they are, or want to become, Japanese, they have a waifu or body pillow if some sort and watch hentai. Weebs are normal people who like anime and may have some merch
Weeb: Dude, I just have to say it, I like anime.
Friend: Fuck I don’t wanna be friends with a weeaboo.
Weeb: I’m not a weeaboo, I’m not creepy about it and I don’t want to be Japanese. I just like genre of TV.
by qwertyuuuuuu November 30, 2019
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A person who is obsessed with anime, figures, and manga.
Dude, I showed my mom that anime last night and she finished the whole series in a day. I created a weeb.
by kentuckyfriedhorses March 07, 2015
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The most dangerous and frightening person you shall ever encounter and thyself will become one if not careful
Wtf man run it’s a weeb

: oh shit
by NWORDSAYER69420 September 15, 2019
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A weeb is the short form of a “weeaboo”

The meaning of the term has been changed recently by people who just recently started watching anime (2019+). People that have watched anime for a long time have even started using the term “weeb” to describe a person that loves anime

Basically, a weeb is someone who is obsessed with Japanese culture.

The term for people that like/love anime is just “anime watchers,” or “people that love anime”
New anime watcher: “I love XXX anime so much, it’s what made me become a weeb

Someone that’s watched anime for a long time: “You’re not using weeb correctly, you’re just someone that loves anime”

New anime watcher: “…” *proceeds to ignore and continue using weeb*
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A person that enjoys watching anime and may own some merch and/or cosplay. They are probably a nerd and get bullied a lot. They’re also pretty chill ( I think we’re cool)
Person 1: bro you see that dude with the Todoroki hoodie?
Person 2: yeah what a weeb
by (Dabi_simp) January 29, 2021
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3 kinds of weebs:
1. Hentai weebs ( porn addicts)
2.ecchi weebs (romance weebs)
3. actual nerd weebs (action manga/ anime)
by weebus oniibus January 06, 2020
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