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A weeb (/wi b/) is a non-Japanese male who watches and is a fan of CGDCT anime, has a waifu, a waifu pillow and is obsessed with Japan. A weeb is always talking about how cute or "kawaii" his favourite characters are and claiming one of them to be his "waifu". He occasionally uses romanized Japanese words instead of English equivalents, such as "kawaii" instead of "cute" and "baka" instead of "dumb" or "jerk" (it has both meanings). Some of them also use Japanese honorifics, for example when they attach the "-chan" honorific to the names of people or characters they like or find cute, or when they use the "-sama" honorific to show they respect someone. Weebs call non-weebs normies. Weebs are harmless. They know they're disliked by many people but they don't give a fuck because they know they're sugoi (awesome).

In Twitch, weebs will make heavy use of emotes such as VoHiYo, KonCha, TehePelo, PunOko, and any other weeb emote offered by a subscription to the channel they're watching.

Some examples of weeb anime: Eromanga-sensei, New Game!, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?, Kiniro Mosaic

*Proceed at your own risk. Weeb anime is known to kill neurons.
Weeb: Megumi-chan is so kawaii!! She's my waifu!!
Normie: Fucking weeb.
Weeb: Baka!!

username1: Thank you for your help, senpai!
username2: No problem, username1-chan! VoHiYo
by Fled From Nowhere May 22, 2017
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A one-syllable contraction of "weeaboo", which is Internet for "wapanese".
No, I don't collect animu figurines! What kind of weeb do you think I am?
by Amalgamous April 16, 2011
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A person who is obsessed with anime, figures, and manga.
Dude, I showed my mom that anime last night and she finished the whole series in a day. I created a weeb.
by kentuckyfriedhorses March 07, 2015
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Plural of weeb which is the monosyllabic contraction of weeaboo (aka wapanese).
Person A: Have you heard of this new site? It's called

Person B: Yeah, why would you even go on there though? It's filled with weebs who pretend they know Japanese culture but don't even know enough of the language to browse the real thing.
by wktk July 05, 2011
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A non-Japanese person who treats anime like the greatest thing ever to be created, rejects American things because they think they are automatically inferior to Japanese things, owns a waifu pillow, and uses Japanese words in otherwise English sentences, usually "kawaii" and "desu"
Weeb: Nyaaa!!! Sugio hentai kawaaaaaii desu!!

Normal person: Uh? You're not Japanese, Bob...
Weeb: Don't call me Bob, you baka! Call me Senpai-San!
by Gaydolf Shitler Did 9/12 September 14, 2016
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Different from weeaboo but are always misplaced in the same category as them.
A weeb is someone who respects and really likes to learn about Japan, the culture and the language, likes anime and manga, but will act like a weeaboo sometimes just to make fun of real weeaboos and make fun of themselves for how indulged they are in Japan and how they are always misinterpreted as the real cancer weeaboos.

They will say stuff like "that's so kawaii desu ne chan" in the whitest accent but only as a joke, knowing that isn't real Japanese, unlike weeaboos who might say something like that on a daily basis and think their Japanese is sugoi.

They also know Japan is a good country, but also has faults. They don't forget their real roots and are prideful of who they actually are, but are still interested and love Japan and it's culture and language.
weeaboo: THIS WAS THE BEST ANIMU EVER IT WAS SO PERFECT! i cant w8t til I move to nihon. every1 will love me because im just like them!! i can speak nihongo so desu and I've never tried japanese food except sushi but I LUV SUSHI and i no ill love japanese food because it all just looks so oishii!! o i need to call jennifer chan to tell her about this awesome MAYNGA.

Oh look a new vocaloid song. who needs eigo lyrics? give me the romaji, ill totally survive in japan if i can read these. uggghhh why is everything in nihon so PERFECT!?

weeb: This anime was so good! In my opinion, it could have been better. There were some super cheesy stuff in there like wtf, definitely not the best , but it was a good watch. Y'know, I've been listening to this song for a year and just now realized the only thing I understood is doki LMFAO I'm such a weeb. To be honest though, I've been teaching myself kana and I'm super proud of how quick I learned it. I still have such a long way to go before I can actually understand Japanese but I can understand some words and phrases and might be able to do some childish small talk in Japanese. Oh yeah, I should call Jennifer, she might be interested in this new manga. the guys in it are so IKEMEN CHAN YO NE DESU they make my kokoro doki so hard. omg lol i think i just gave myself cancer.

Did you read this whole thing? damn ありがとうございます!
by toasty butter June 20, 2016
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A non - Asian person who is obsessed with Japan or Japanese things, namely anime.
Alex is a total weeb, he's always watching anime
by Weeb123 June 15, 2017
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