to put your thumb in a persons butthole and then flicking your thumb out causing to make a popping noise.
by bottlecapgod November 8, 2011
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To snap the neck of a dog, cat or other animal in a way that resembles unscrewing a bottlecap.
That fucking cat pissed all over the carpet so I decided to bottlecap her.
by cali310 April 30, 2007
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The emergency placement of a hand over a penis to avoid a facial.
While Kaitlyn was on her Tinder date, bottlecapping Jeff became the only option to protect her dignity.
by malthewiz October 29, 2018
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When you twist the penis off of a random person that made you angry.
Bottlecapee: hey, you got the dick of a 6 year old ckick.

Bottlecaper: lets see about that when you get the shit bottlecaped out of you.
by minecraft sexer September 26, 2011
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The act of inserting a bottle cap into a mans penis hole then hammering it in deep. After that cover his dick with wet salt and then make 100 little cuts on the penis using an exacto knife. After that cut off his cock using a blunt hatchet and mail the mutilated penis to blizzard
I bottlecapped myself because kalgan wont nerf warriors
by acarpish March 16, 2008
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Drinking Game:

Place two shots, bottles (beer) or other substances across from one another on a table spacing the glassed 1-2 feet apart.

-A beer bottle cap is required as a die
-Groups of 2-4 may play

This game will cause rapid intoxication

Steps to play:
1) Once shots have been placed in play area the player must flip the bottle cap in the air (much like a coin toss)

2)Designate which drink coincides with either the crown (underside of cap) or the logo (top side of cap)

3) The cap is to fall between the two shots to be valid

4) Once cap has fallen the player it to drink the coinciding shot.

5) Refill the glass, pass the cap to another player and cycle through.

*drinks may be replaced with cigarettes, cigars and other party related substances.

* TIP!
Play with 1 pleasant shot, something everyone likes and goes down easy. Make the 2nd shot something vile that goes down rough to make the game fun. Vile shots include: tequila, prairie fires, ring of fire, fireball, jagermister.
'Time for some bottlecap boys, grab the whiskey and tequila!'

'Jimmy wasn't in the mood to drink, so we played some bottlecap, he shaped up real quick.'
by Ravi-God January 23, 2009
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verb: the action of pulling a "bottlecap". adj. a person who has been bottlecapped, has been on the recieving end of a prank.
When one attempts to pick up money from the ground, only to find it has been super-glued down, by some hilarious prankster.
They just got bottlecapped!!! Bottlecapping has just occurred
by Curtain head September 1, 2006
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