pu·bes·cent (Noun)

1 : arriving at or having reached puberty
2 : of or relating to puberty
From the Latin pubescens, (to become hairy, downy, or an adult)
Alex is a pubescent boy since he has started puberty.
by Khorne May 1, 2008
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Jim's pubescent florescence is a turn on for gay ravers.
by The Goathole September 4, 2011
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It costs a fortune for a parent to secure their home to ensure that their teens are not sneaking their pubescent paramour into the house when no one is looking.
by MomOnTheEdge March 1, 2010
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1. someone who is yet to start puberty
2. pubeless
1. "sprout a pube ya pre-pubescent twat!"
by raaay August 5, 2006
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(Adj.) An individual of approximately 14 years of age, that acts as if he/she were, in fact, 8. Can be extremely annoying.
Alpha Nerd: I AM KING DORK!!!!!!!
Beta Nerd: OMG you're such a pre-pubescent.
by MaD December 10, 2004
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the feeling of extreme anger, hatred, or other feelings of malice that lead to different acts of violence and stupidity, associated with going through puberty.
I sense some pubescent volitility in that vandalism
by xtremelybuffji January 1, 2004
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Most commonly known as the teenagers who get mad trying to explain to their mothers that you can't pause a live game. Pubescent rages are people going through puberty who get mad at everything. Some things they get mad at can be mothers, teachers, little sisters, dogs, cats, games( "my game gliched and I died") and many more things.
Pubescent rage-" mum you can't pause fortnite. People will kill you"
Mum- " I don't care some ones got do the washing and its not me. Ive got a five o'clock appointment with Grays Anatomy."
Little sister walking by the room-" just do the washing and stop being a pubescent rage"
by Pubescentrageforlife May 17, 2018
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