an act in which everybody succumbs to, though few are willing to admit, but instead notices it in everyone else.
Her level of self-consciousness is appalling! Why can't she be more like me, and see that beauty is skin deep! Oh by the way, what do you think of my outfit? Over-dressed? And am I wearing too much perfume? Most importantly, do my shoes match?
by kmarie- June 2, 2009
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Higher Self Orchestrated Consciousness, also shortened as HSOrchC, HS OrchC or simply as HSOC, is a psychological, psychiatric and neuroscientific hypothesis that holds that majority of all of brain processes that happen are controlled by the subconscious mind and this subconscious mind knows more than the conscious mind and it's called as higher self, where the higher selfs exists at physical and extraphysical levels at the same time and he needs of a physical representation that's the brain processes happening and at the same time he's extraphysical, and where the physical and extraphysical can be seen as the same thing on different levels and states. HSOrchC also supports that it's impossible to know about the extraphysical nature of higher selves being necessary the development of epistemological pluralism and of spiritual sciences and extranatural sciences in order to determine what are higher selves about since natural sciences cannot prove, disprove or even determine the extraphysical nature of higher selves.
"Higher Self Orchestrated Consciousness is a really nice hypothesis and idea, despite it's somehow similar with the Extraphysical Orchestrated Consciousness, that's nice to see there are a lot of more hypothesis and ideas related to consciousness being physical and extraphysical at the same time despite it might take some years until HSOrchC be full developed and even tested."
by Full Monteirism May 16, 2021
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