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History: Believed to be a Gallagher-ism (American comic of 1980s & 1990s known mostly for pulverizing melons w/a huge slegehammer in his shows).
Definition: Those wisp-thin, slightly waxy paper toilet seat covers offered in public toilets to protect one's bodunkadunk from coming in contact with someone else's funk.
When using the toilet at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, always put an ass gasket down before you cop a squat.
by Maven April 15, 2004
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Definition: Items like prayer shawls, yarmulkes, siddurs/prayer books, tefillin, and other items inherently Jewish used for worship.
"Oy Morty, look at the way Moshe is wearing his yarmulke, jaunty like a beret."
by Maven April 16, 2004
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Noun. Singular.
Synonym: Sick Fuck

Definition: A person whose sense of humor is leaps and bounds more rude and crude than that of the people with whom they associate.
"My WASband wanted to give me a Cleveland Steamer after eating hard boiled eggs and beer. That sick bastard."
by Maven April 16, 2004
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Noun. Plural.

Definition: An odd collection of medications (over the counter and/or prescription), vitamins, supplements and other assorted capsules or tablets, usually in a medicine cabinet or in one's desk drawer at work.
"Holy Hannah! Look at Susie's pharmacopia! She's got all the fixin's for a crystal meth lab!"
by Maven April 16, 2004
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Synonym: Plumper

Definition: A man who prefers to have sex with women who are chubby, and they are usually ashamed to admit it in public.
"Eventhough Jim was married to a woman with a size 2 dress size, he still was a closet Pig Farmer."
by Maven April 16, 2004
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If it's free and unrestricted, even imbeciles who can peck out gibberish and press Send to Urban Dictionary can feel like they are contributing to a living, breathing literary process.
fill in the blank here with drivel, typos, and an odd assortment of letters, numbers, shout outs to homies, et. al.
by Maven May 11, 2004
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Noun. Singular.

Definition: Quite literally a lame assed orgasm, usually administered by someone stimulating their mate begrudgingly.
"Golly, after gobbling my husband's knob for 30 minutes straight, he had to have his ass beat in order to give me some jive-assed Mini Gasm."
by Maven April 16, 2004
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