A fatass thigh.(Commonly Associated with Cankles)
Damn! Look at those girls legs. Them some tree-trunks!
by Mr.Finger December 1, 2003
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a word boys or men will use to describe tall girls with thicc thighs and ass that they just don’t appreciate it. if someone calls you a tree trunk it’s not a good thing so don’t embarrass yourself by saying thanks but don’t let it get to you because your beautiful and boys are stupid xxx
woah man she has some set of tree trunks

‘no, she’s just tall and thicc, i would smash’
by 6counties_please August 25, 2019
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When a teenaged girl takes a abnormally large penis in her vaj
dude tracy got tree trunked the other day by jake
by HP Guy June 24, 2010
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Mindlessly defending, laughing at or admiring a person, typically someone of a celebration status.

Similar to how a treehugger defends trees even though the tree would not defend the treehugger.
My friend is always tree trunking Charles Barkley. He laughs at everything he says. Now that Shaq is also on the show, he can take turns swinging from their branches.
by blkbam January 5, 2012
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Term used when a man with a huge penis rags a women hard.
Joey- Did you bed Kelly last nite
Pete- Yeah man i gave the biggest tree trunking you have ever seen. In the face!
by Joel Rice March 8, 2006
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Penile Gesture: The Tree Trunk involves a man pulling down his lower article of clothing just enough to see the base of his penis. This gesture can also be combo'd with pubic hair which could be the "roots" or bushes under a tree.
After him getting me with the goat i got him right back with the tree trunk.
by GregJason March 23, 2011
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