Random person 1: Man I that guy was being disrespectful}
Random person 2: Oh he was being a John
Random person 1: Huh "Being a John"?

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Showing a lack of respect and courtesy. The physical embodiment of this word are women named Joana. They are the ones who do not practice what they preach and in turn command the highest form of respect and attention from everyone, be it Satan himself.
" Oh my god she's so disrespectful! "
" I know right? She should change her name to Joana "
by Castlonian June 2, 2016
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What someone says to you when you refused to let them fuck you over by a means of lies and or extortion, upon failing to carry out their wickedness they feel upset and shout "You're so disrespectful!"

You didn't lay down and die when I tried to sue you in court or black ball you to my superiors, and because I didn't get away with it, you're so disrespectful!
You're a disrespectful teacher because you wouldn't let me 8 year old bully other kids on the playground.
by Dixie's finest March 29, 2020
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What someone says when you refuse to let them rob you or your intellectual property.
Give me $1000-No; wow, you’re so disrespectful!
by Dixie's finest November 7, 2021
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Rude, arrogant, usually named max, usually mexican.
Grayce: you know that guy named max?
Sharon: yeah the disrespectful one?
Grayce: that's the one!
by GGwoahhhh October 5, 2020
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This is a phrase to exclaim when a person is being overly disrespectful. If someone is being disrespectful, just say "the disrespect" and the God of karma will snatch them up and swallow them whole.
Katie: *smashes my phone*
Me: (shaking my head ) the disrespect...
by CarmenTheStripper March 26, 2019
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