Showing a lack of respect and courtesy. The physical embodiment of this word are women named Joana. They are the ones who do not practice what they preach and in turn command the highest form of respect and attention from everyone, be it Satan himself.
" Oh my god she's so disrespectful! "
" I know right? She should change her name to Joana "
by Castlonian June 02, 2016
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The act of doing something that the next person may not agree with or feel comfortable with.
1. If you are out and you see an ex lover while with your new lover, and you hug for a very long time before introducing your new lover is very disrespectful.

2. Talking on the phone at three a.m. while at home with your lover straight out disrespectful.
by Broken Girl September 09, 2014
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in which someone leaves purposely leaves someone on read, or, ignores them.
Joe was very disrespectful by ignoring his mothers in family therapy😤😤
by rad_radar February 18, 2019
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