The most caring and beautiful woman alive. When you met her she comes off as shy and dry but once she gets comfortable around you all her goofiness and craziness shines through. No one will care and love as much as Esther does, after meeting her your life will change. She is very easy to fall in love with. She is a great kisser and lowkey freaky as hell, usually the dominant.
hey man, whos your new girlfriend?

bro its esther, shes so amazing and fine af!
by idkwhattocallit March 24, 2019
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Esther is always a shy person at first, but once she gets to know you, she is the sweetest person on Earth. She is in a lot of gifted and honors classes, but doesn't necessarily enjoy school. She can be a real rebel when she wants to be, but in her good moods she is very quiet and thoughtful. Nobody likes to make fun of Esther because she is just her, and people know who they are talking about when she is mentioned. People refer to her as "the smart one" or "the shy one" or "the pretty one". She is also very encouraging and loves to give advice to people and help everyone with their problems. Once you start knowing Esther, you won't want to go back. She is a real friend and in most cases, a loyal girlfriend.
Girl: Did you see Esther today? I loved her shirt.
Boy: Isn't she the super smart and shy one?
Girl: That's her! She's so sweet and so pretty!
by trustchainers October 16, 2013
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An angel sent to earth to share her love through companionship. Any girl with this name is naturally beautiful and breath taking. Also means star in Persian showing that she will definitely light up your world like nobody else
Who is that girl? She must be Esther because her beauty is beyond limits angel beautiful star majestic
by Brian O Maina May 23, 2016
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They are the human embodiement of perfection. They have such a unique character, flair and poise. She is super loving and caring. She's higly affectionate and easy to fall in love with. Once you even begin to admire her, there's no going back. She'll keep you enthralled and mesmorised by even the way she talks to you. She loves to sashay and she does it with finesse, turning every guy's head as she skips by (especially when she's in a mini skirt :p). She is a total sweetheart - pretty, smart and humourous- the complete package. They are the perfect girlfriends, though short, its cute, especially when it comes to kissing becaise her boyfriend simply picks her up and cradles her in his arms. She's practically God's finest creation and a spitting image of her parents. A total Goddess. I love Esthers♥
Tobenna: Dayyum, look at her go!

Johnny: Yeaahh. Thats my girl bro! It's Esther!

Tobenna: Bro, you're lucky to have her!
by SlickCassanova January 3, 2014
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A pretty girl thats always smiling. A great listener that always knows what to say and isn't afraid of telling you the truth. Loves adventures and has the best sense of humor. You guys will be weak off of the stupidest things but you'll always have the best time. Secretly sensitive but doesn't show it. Has very firm beliefs. Spiritual. You can trust one with your life. Argues a lot but only because they are passionate about so many things. Not the best driver. People gravitate to Esthers. An Esther gets along with pretty much anybody in the world because they have the best personality. You can't afford to be without one. If you don't know one you better find one and once you do, your life will never be the same. I guarantee you that if you meet one of these you will love them so much that every day without them will feel like a million years.
Girl: I'm mad weak!!
Boy: AKA you were with Esther weren't you?
Girl: She's amazing isn't she!
Boy: Life without her would suck... Imagine!
by sunflowersammy March 6, 2013
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Esther is a funny, sarcastic girl who can't stand pop music. She likes being alone yet being the center of attention. There is no one like Esther, who seriously is set apart. She makes names and enjoys listening to music. She has a fiery temper with amazing logical sense. If there is a opportunity for a debate, she'll grab it!
Someone: There is seriously no one like anyone. And that really applies to Esther.
by TheNameNerd March 14, 2019
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BIG BUM AND A GREAT KISSER. Everyone loves esther. She is a very beautiful girl and very kindhearted. Aint afraid to argue or fight with someone !!
She has courage to stand up to people and is a very loyal girl.
Girl: Have you seen esther today?
Boy: Yeah she looks so perfect and beautiful !
by Chains.xx May 5, 2017
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