A small cloth circle worn on the head by orthodox jews (only men, usually) as sort of a way to show respect and reverence to their God and let everyone else around them know that they are orthodox jews
Put on your yarmulke before you go into temple
by Nobody June 30, 2004
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Protective head gear worn by honorary jews
<a jew ponders>
"Should i wear my yarmulke under my baseball hat or over it"
by Automatah April 06, 2003
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the most magical thing in the world. jews r the luckiest people on earth. they always have magic upon they're head!! they come in many colors. n many fabrics. they rockkkk! every1 envies the yarmulke wearers...
guy 1- "omg look! yarmulkes!"
guy 2- "those people r sooo lucky"
guy 1- "hey they're gettin on the roller coaster with the yarmulkes on. won't they fly off?"
guy 2- "haha nooo way. i saw them go SWIMMING with the yarmulkes earlier"
guy 1- "they didn't go underwater tho, riiiight?"
guy 2- "OF COURSE!!! yarmulkes r not clipped on or glued. they r held on by sumthing much stronger..."
guy 1- "and whats that?"
guy 2- "magic..."
by lacyfrickenroxxx11;) August 20, 2009
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When a man is having sex with a woman from behind, he pulls out right before ejaculation, grabs a yarmulke and ejaculates into it, and then puts it on her head. That shit will never fall off during services.
Dude, my girl and I tried out the yarmulke at Beth El, she wore my yarmulke the rest of Shabbat.
by JewKing July 21, 2011
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The name given to the material ejected on to a fellators head while being vomited on by the the person you are fellating.
Following a huge chili dinner, Frank failed to notify Darlene that he was extremely drunk when she began to fellate him. It came as no surprise to him when he vomited his dinner onto her head. Darlene screamed and immediately ran to the shower to clean off her newly delivered Ramen Yarmulke
by puckmonkey January 29, 2009
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