1: Personally motivated spending of government funds by politicians. Spending the wealth of the people but not in the interests of the people.

2: Meat taken from swine.

3: Vulgar slang for sexual intercourse
1: Damn, congress just "Okayed" a bill to put a liquid gold fountain in front of the white house. Talk about pork!

2: I went over to Johnnys house for some free breakfast but all he had was bacon and sausage. Too bad I don't eat pork.

3: Yeehaw, after about 12 Bud Lights I got tired of watching nascar and decided to pork my old lady.
by Varris June 7, 2007
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Pork means a meat from swines. Many people know that pork is haram in Islam, but people are not sure why it is banned in Islam. Here's the reason. Pork contains roundworms and/or tapeworms that are immortal. Regardless of how it is cooked, they will never die. If you eat too many porks everyday, your mental will be eventually destroyed. Definitely not healthy, right?
Ganesh: Ali, I have a question. Why is pork haram in Islam?
Ali: Because it is not healthy. Not just unhealthy but is dangerous to our body. That's why pork is haram.
by Jaga Kesihatan Diri July 8, 2022
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/to pork/ v. to have sexual intercourse with someone.

2. porking/ present tense

3. porked/ past tense
My friend and I were watching a movie, and from the beginning, we could tell the two main characters were going to pork.
by MissMoreAwesome June 29, 2010
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The word "pork" (ta choiridia, literally, 'piglets') suggests for the female genitalia, dating back to early Ancient Greek comedy around 380 BC.
"Or is your preference pork, let my daughter persuade you."

- Line 574 of the play "The Wasps" 422 BC written by playwright Aristophanes. Line taken from "Frogs and Other Plays" by Aristophanes, translated by David Barrett ©1964
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Fat porn; usually pictures of overly obese women with 2-3 huge rolls hanging out with a box of donuts nearby.
Me: Are you looking at pork again?

Friend: Yeah, those fat chicks have more to love! ^_^

Me: Right...
by VGnerd91 May 26, 2012
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When you decide to poke someone with a fork in the neck at an Italian event.
" She just porked her so hard she had to go to the hospital!"
by Alecksss February 21, 2017
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