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A traditional Jewish name for proud Jews. Moses correctly pronounced is Moshe. Like Moses, Moshes are naturally leaders almost always smart, gets things done, occasionally humble above all they always hustle.
This guy calling out thinks he's a Moshe

Guy One - We need need a clever Rabbi that will connect with our dying congregation

Guy Two - Get a Moshe (DUH)
by MoshenotMoishe April 09, 2019
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Never not ballin.
A guy who probably was made by god himself as an example for perfection, high on life and a womanizer.
Also his skills in bed are amazingly remarkable, which makes him the ultimate player.
Person 1: My boyfriend doesnt make me happy.
Person 2: Go get yourself a Moshe
by juliuscaesardj December 30, 2016
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A person who is obsessed with tea. It is not a good idea to permit this person to drink an excess in tea, the end result would be a catastrophic Crazed maniac.
If you spot a Moshe with a tea high,contact the TMCU ( Tea Maniac Control Unit) immediately!
by moshex004 May 21, 2008
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an alcoholic beverage consisting of a mix of either vodka, whiskey, scotch, rum or any other hard liquor with gatorade, or crystal light, juice or/and pop
Ya, lets make some moshe so we don't get drunk that fast
by moshemixer August 19, 2010
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AKA Captain Moishturizer.

Often found driving a boat or at a shooting range. Likes to sleep on inflatable hammocks. Feel free to contact a moshe if you need an OBD scanner or other cheap shit from China.
Dude, my skin is so dry I need some Captain Moishturizer.

Yo, did you see that crazy deal on amazon? It's a good price, but its definitely cheap moshe shit
by Double D G July 15, 2019
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