The intro to The Legend of Zelda: The wind Waker came before it was officially given it's title.
by Light Joker October 13, 2005
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A demo of limitted size, usually 4 of 64k.
.the .product was the most awsome 64k intro ever!
by Spirit Bear January 29, 2004
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The intro to that song is hella stupid.
by zafiroblue05 February 7, 2005
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A sampling of a product being offered.
Doc Green gave me a little intro to this year's crop.
by Intro November 28, 2005
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An intro is a short video sequence (mostly used in a youtube video) that is supposed to make a channel look professional. A 3D or 2D intro is usually around 10 seconds long while a gameplay intro can be as long as a minute, which can harm a subsriber's interest in a video.
In my opinion, SharkFX's intros are over-rated and people should buy an intro from a cheaper and likely better designer.
by Epicsaurus Designs July 5, 2018
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A Twitch stream intro segment that lasts at least 40 minutes or more. Oftentimes the streamer jumps from topic to topic continuously getting distracted without stop. Popularized by Vtuber Enzo_Kuruhi
Wow! I can't believe we have been talking about Britney Spears for 2 hours! I guess we really had an "Enzo" Intro today! Maybe we should play the game now?
by CitrineVT May 16, 2023
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A short clip in which most is comprised of the youtuber Ali-A's intro, in which he says some stupid shit which has nothing to do with the video before playing his intro, the meme compromises of a video of someone saying something clickbaity before the intro plays, which is bass boosted
Ali-A: Look at this awesome new feature in Fortnite: Battle Royale!
*Commence Ali-A intro*
by s t a r July 8, 2018
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