A place where grades matter but your mental health doesn't
1: Why were you in the psychiatrist's office?
2: Ah, I just came from Singapore.
1: Ah! I'm so sorry for you! Well wishes!
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It's hot. It's crowded. It's small. It's home.
Guy 1: So, is Singapore a city, town, state, or country?
Guy 2: All of the above.
by apu the monkey March 30, 2011
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Math educators’ promised land that combines the best practices of math education from the East and the West—one such concoction is the “model method,” the problem-solving heuristic that has had global appeal, especially among homeschoolers in the US, in solving challenging word problems that would traditionally need formal algebra for their solutions.
Due to their stand on democracy and freedom of speech, a number of American educators have stood firm in rejecting Singapore math, although they acknowledged that the math curriculum of the “fine” city is a superior one compared to those used in a number of US states in helping to raise the quantitative literacy of the students.
by MathPlus October 4, 2021
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A really, really tiny country who people from America think is part of China. Also, it is one of the countries that practice hybrid democracy because it is not exactly democracy if the same political party, PAP has ruled for so long. Also, it's a really cool place for nightlife and is building more cooler buildings than Dubai. Lastly, really dependent on other countries as it is too small to get natural resources. NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER EVEN EXPERIENCED A NATURAL DISASTER NOT EVEN A SHAKE!!!!!
Bob: Hey, let's go to Singapore
Tom: Yeah and while we are it, we should captain the Titanic too!!!!
by Anon 1247 January 28, 2011
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1) Indonesian President: Little red dot
2) Taiwan Minister: Booger
3) Americans and all other Caucasians: Somewhere In China
4) Malaysians: How do i get my citizenship?

5) me: when you're dead
Mahatir: Whomever wants to defect can try swimming across...
by Abel Bong March 31, 2005
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One of the best cities/countries to visit, if not live, in Asia. It's a shame that not as many people do so compared to others in the continent, namely Hong Kong and Tokyo, and other major cities around the world. Very orderly society, to a fault at times. And EVERYTHING works, particularly the infrastructure.
Singapore is vastly underrated when compared to other major cities in the world.
by andrew. August 18, 2005
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Pretty much the best country in all of Asia. Though very small and extremely hot and humid, delicious food and extravagant shopping exists here. Many underestimate the greatness of this city/country to other "great" cities throughout Asia. Namely Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul. It has one of the toughest laws globally such as the banning of chewing gum (why it is so CLEAN!) and caning for fighting someone on the street. The tough legislation here means Singapore is extremely tolerant and multicultural.
After a month in Singapore, people here are so friendly and multicultural. Even more multicultral than Canada! Just love the food and shopping here...too bad I can't chew Excel to excel-lerate my breath!
by ckckds August 31, 2010
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