1. excessively aware of being observed by others.
2. conscious of oneself or one's own being.
Jamie is so self-conscious, she doesn't realise how great she is.
by ah-gra-agam August 01, 2008
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a beautiful person who just doesn't know it yet. they need someone to tell them that it is okay to be themselves, all they need is a complement to help them with there day.
no need to be self conscious, its alright
by little_miss_cassie_horan September 30, 2015
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Its one thing to self-conscious (most people are at least some of the time) about what people think of you, everything from what you look like to your abilities at different things. Its another thing to be desperate all the time to convince other people you never get embarrassed or self conscious and don't care what anybody thinks of you all to keep people around you so that you're never alone, because you hate being alone, and you know damn well you care more than most what people think of you.
There's nothing unusual about getting self-conscious, since even if you try to do everything perfect, its not gonna be perfect, and you're gonna do some human shit and you're not gonna feel proud of what you did. The most self conscious people in the world are the ones that keep telling you they don't care what anybody thinks of them.
by Solid Mantis December 06, 2019
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someone who always thinks about what others will think or what others will do if they do or say a certain thing.

..kinda borderline selfishness

usually alot of Scene/Emo/Depressed/Angry Teens..or people are self conscious.

Girl: no..everyone will laugh at me and think i'm stupid.
by CARRY ON ICARUS April 23, 2008
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Caring what other people think of you is not the same thing as allowing other people to influence your decisions or what you like and dislike (or who you are). It is possible to be who you are and still care what people think of you.
Everybody is at least somewhat self conscious, no matter the image they portray themselves as. Usually the ones most desperate to convince others they don't care what anybody thinks of them are the most self conscious people in the world.
by Solid Mantis February 25, 2021
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to be self-conscious is to be constantly aware of your own actions and their impact on the people around you. self consciousness may also appear as wishing to set a self image reflecting a different version of yourself, for example wanting to appear as lively and optimistic when in reality you may appear otherwise. the opposite of an egostatical person is a self conscious one.
she’s so self-conscious, it’s impossible to get under her skin...
by batmansandy April 12, 2021
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