indian term , is said when somone does or say's soemthing stupid and the other person is in disguiste and say's leh
Im the sickest baller!! Leh
by Gurminder/Mandeep January 1, 2004
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a response to something ridiculous as hell
friend: james is such a fuck boy man, he always posts shirtless pics on insta then complains about thirsties, the niggas whole page is a thirst trap
you: leh
by Deflxte on Instagram May 1, 2015
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Martin: Im going to Africa
Me: Oh, really? which country?
Martin: I JUST said Africa
by mynameisNOTashley January 27, 2016
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Singlish word added after a sentence, similar to la. Possibly borrowed from a local dialect.
Don't do this to me leh.
by KOKOKOKO April 10, 2006
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leh is a term used by lebanese youths on the streets of sydney. leh means you/bro and is a way of adressing a fellow leb.
Ibrahim: Shu Omar!
Omar: Shu Leh, How r ya.
by Mohammed Ismail December 24, 2006
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I am so drunk...I need
Umm that's AA, stop by the GED class while you're there...leh
by LikeButtahBaby October 7, 2010
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means when someone is saying something out of the topic, or saying something that's stupid, the person is in disguiste, so they use the word, leh!
by Puneet February 8, 2004
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