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1. The current Prime Minister of Israel as of April '05. He is a man who goes against true zionism and allows the land of Israel to be split up.
Israel could have a much better PM than Ariel Sharon
by Mango April 04, 2005
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(v.) when a male performs rear entry intercourse on a female while both parties are standing up and hopping up and down vigoursly.
We were dead tired after manxing the jambunny all night.
by Mango January 02, 2003
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a person with one eye that at any time could explode.
"Oh, shit! I think i'm going Miranda Smith!"
by Mango May 24, 2004
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Someone who has an extreme obsession with David Bowie.
"I can't even see your walls anymore with how many David Bowie posters you have up. You're such a mizuiro!"

"Is this even legal? I swear that it's illegal to be a mizuiro in some countries."

"You didn't tell me your brother was a mizuiro."
by Mango April 20, 2004
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adj. To have a beautiful figure/physique but a substandard or repulsive facial appearance.

Can be used in conjunction with "butterface" (n.)
That stripper is moogly!
by Mango January 02, 2003
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