'multi-' is a combining form meaning more than one or two.

'cultural' is the adjective of 'culture' - synonym: 'civilization'

'multicultural' stands for many different 'civilizations' ~ 'nations'
It was rather a multicultural society we grew up in.

Our teachers taught us that the heart and the spirit determine an individual and not the looks.
by Barbara Gauss October 30, 2005
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<adjective> Containing or pertaining to more than one culture.
1. London's a really multicultural city: only about half the population are "White British" and some 300 different languages are spoken by inhabitants of the city!

2. My dad's Greek and my mum's half-Chinese, half-Iroquois, and I was raised in South Africa but went to university in Switzerland, so I guess I'm pretty multicultural!
by backpacker_x2 February 1, 2011
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a person characterized by accepting certain aspects of other cultures in accordance to their personality
being multicultural is a few away from a stereotype a someone can get
by naxili April 10, 2007
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Something that doesn't work.
The elite wants us to believe multicultural countries are great and if we don't want that we're racist but the truth is multiculturalism kills diversity and makes it easier for us to be controlled and manipulated. Mix all colours of the rainbow together. What do you get? One ugly, boring colour. We have so many different traditions, ideologies and cultures in each country that we build up for so many years. Multiculturalism and globalism destroys all of this.


Juliette: Why do Americans always have racial problems? It seems like they all hate each other.

Anna: Because they're a melting pot and it's a combination of mass manipulation due to the media and clash of cultures and ideologies just like in Brazil and other melting pot countries. Just look at London and Paris! Once beautiful cities! Now they're shitholes.

Nicole: shitholes? So you're blaming immigrants because these places aren't white anymore?? That's racist!

Anna: No, I never said it's because of their race, it's the ideologies from the countries they come from, their race has nothing to do with it. It's the mindset. Also, what's wrong with countries staying homogenous? Are YOU racist?
"Multiculturalism is the future because we say so"

by EuropeanGoddess May 8, 2020
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1) The idea that we can live alongside people from other cultures and accept them as they are, as opposed to excluding minorities or forcing them to assimilate into clones of us. Currently, it seems to have replaced the antiquated idea of the melting pot. It leads to more knowledge of and respect for other languages and cultures. Knowing more than English is now considered cool for the first time.

2) Aside from its actual, benign meaning, it usually a code word for reactionary rednecks. The talk radio hosts say 'multiculturalism' and all the listeners go, "Aha! Someone who agrees with me in politics!"
"Multiculturalism is destroying America! It will make us into another Third World country! We don't need-

"Dude, I know you're jealous because I aced Spanish and you failed, but please quit parroting Michael Savage for decency's sake."
by spinningtabletop January 15, 2009
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A word commonly used by Americans to signify their personal beliefs in such a way to show that they are one of the few Americans the rest of the world should not hate or ostracize.
Jane: "I'm going to go see China and visit North Korea this summer on vacation." Dick: "Good luck with that your American." Jane:"It's ok I'm 'Multicultural'"
by jp289 June 28, 2010
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