on various message boards you can PM or "Private Message" someone
by Dinoras August 09, 2003
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1. a personal or private message

2. to send someone a personal or private message on a message board, forum or chat room
If I get another PM about that topic I will flip out.
by The Return of Light Joker January 24, 2008
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I've never done butt play but her PM was amazing!
by Escortingwords March 19, 2017
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A ruthless gang who patrol the South of England jumping various other, more minor gangs. It is believed that the PM originally consisted of only five founding members, and have grown to be feared ever since.
I don't think we should go out tonight George, I've heard the PM are in the area.
by PaulSmithGX50 October 23, 2011
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Short for prime minister (Teresa May) this word describes someone who royally messes up all the time and no one likes them.
by <3mark March 31, 2019
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Short for Product Manager, teams of employees developing a product are headed by a Product Manager.

Used in Google's business model
by industrial editor November 01, 2009
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