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A colonial enterprise which created a state for some jews in the Arab heartland mainly by terrorism & ethnic cleansing; zionism made a mockery of judaism's moral values & ethical principles.

In 1917, Britain had no right to give away what it didn't possess, it made a mess of it & walked away, driven out as jewish zionists introduced terrorism to this conflict, attacking all kinds of British installations, blowing up King David Hotel, etc.

Modern terrorism was created by zionist jews, introducing the letter bomb & plane hijacking.

Britain wanted to use equally ruthless means to fight the terrorism but by this time the zionist lobby was very effective in America. The British knew America would not let them take on zionist terrorism, there were many accounts of British soldiers wanting to take on the zionist terrorists but they were not allowed to, so the British gave up & handed the problem to the UN.

The UN general assembly passed a resolution to partition Palestine into two states excluding Jerusalem, leaving aside that the UN had no authority to partition Palestine.

There was no UN resolution for Israel, it was vitiated & it was while the general assembly was again voting what to do, that Israel unilaterally declared itself to be in existence, it was not given a birth certificate, it has no legitimacy whatsoever.

Do not blame all jews for the crimes of the zionists; judaism and zionism are total opposites & there are more christian zionists than jewish zionists.
Most jews in the world were opposed to zionism and many still are; they believed it would lead to unending conflict with the Arabs, they knew it was morally wrong and they also feared it would provoke antisemitism
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A race supremacist, settler-colonial political ideology that hijacks both judaism and Christianity; responsible for apartheid, ethnic cleansing, sadistic militarism and moral hypocrisy in Israel.

Founded by atheistic jews in 1897, an ideology supported by the antisemitic British government of the early 1900's who wanted to push European jews out of the UK and Europe and send them to the middle east. Of course many European jews were against being sent to the middle east and saw zionism as an antisemitic movement.

After Israel won the 6 day war in 1967, many European jews realised there was a good chance of having their own state, zionism became indoctrinated into their mentality and today it is entwined with Israeli-jewish nationalism.

Still to this day there are many anti-zionist jews who see Europe as their home land, not the middle east and the support for zionism among today's younger jews is declining along with an increasing number of jews leaving Israel, unhappy with the occupation, genocide and apartheid of the indigenous population (Palestinians).

There is actually more Christian zionists, many who are antisemitic and believe when the messiah returns to Israel he will wipe out the world's population along with two-thirds of the jewish population in Israel during the Armageddon. The remaining jews in Israel will have to convert to Christianity if they want to go to heaven during the rapture; jews that don't convert to Christianity will instead go to hell.
Zionism is responsible for a very racist settler-colonial apartheid state. A jewish state that boasts of its war crimes, which by doctrine, imposes laws and institutions to intentionally serve the core purpose of racial domination
by ashkenazi anti zionist August 15, 2018
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For around 300 years, Zionism was a Christian Protestant idea that the majority of Jewish leaders, especially rabbis opposed. Once European Jews are returned to the Holy Land they would have to convert to Christianity.

In 1897, Max Nordau and Theodor Herzl formed the World Zionist Organisation to advance some of these ideas for an exclusively Jewish state. They considered Uganda, Argentina, parts of North America and eventually settled on Palestine due to biblical connections.

A huge coalition of Jews, religious and secular, liberal and radical, socialist and communist, all opposed the Zionist project, seeing it as antisemitic & fascist as it was a call for the expulsion of Jews from Europe.

The Christian support for Zionism was based on antisemitism. Lord Balfour, a devout Christian who regularly voiced bigotry towards Jews, committed the British government in 1917 to create a home for Jews in Palestine. That set in motion todayโ€™s conflict between Israel and the native Palestinian population.

In the US, the largest group of Zionists by far are Christian evangelicals who believe that the return of Jews to the Promised Land is the key to unlocking the second coming of the Messiah and an apocalyptic end-times. Though embraced by Israel, many of these Christian fundamentalists hold antisemitic views.

Christian Zionism is antisemitic; it's bad for Jewish communities as well as bad for the indigenous people of Palestine.
Christian Zionism is the largest, most controversial and most destructive lobby within Christianity. It bears primary responsibility for perpetuating tensions in the Middle East, justifying Israelโ€™s apartheid colonialist agenda and for undermining the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.
by Jazpur September 22, 2018
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An extremely racist belief that Jews deserve to take over the Palestinian's land with the backing of the U.S. military. Zionists use the history of persecution against Jews to rationalize this blatant breach of human rights, and then Israelis go on to murder thousands of Palestinians each year with the pretext that they have been attacked by terrorists. While it is true that some Palestinians attack Israelis, there are at least 4 fold more Palestinian than Israeli deaths each year.
Zionists are inherently racist.
by TheFaceMan May 03, 2005
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Jewish equivalent of Nazism. A racist philosophy that believes only the Jewish race should inhabit the Holy Land and that all other races there - namely Arabs - should be killed or exiled. Zionism spawned terrorist states like Israel, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Palestinians every year.
Zionism is an extreme-right political ideology, like Nazism. Israel murders thousands of Palestinians but to be fair a lot of Palestinian groups like Black September are very violent as well.
by George McSherpa November 16, 2006
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The dictionary defines Zionism as "Jewish Nationalism." The dictionary defines Nazism as a form of "Race-based Nationalism." The fact of the matter is that the British subjugated the Palestinian people, basically kicked them out of their homes, gave up the land to the Israelis and expected everything to be happy. Believe it or not, the Palestinians simply don't like being replaced like that. Moreover, they didn't take too kindly to the overt Israeli suppression and violence against them beginning in 1949 with the Irgun Gang and all of that. In the late 1960s, the violence really crested with the Arab-Israeli War over what was essentially Israeli apartheid against the Palestinians. The end of that war led to Yassir Arafat, who, in 1971, made a historic speech to the UN General Assembly, thusly thrusting Palestinian plight onto the international stage for the first time ever really. Throughout the 1970s both sides trade atrocities, although Israel's violence is state violence, backed by the U.S., that is aimed directly at suppressing the Palestinian people, civilian, terrorist, or whatever. Then there was that whole episode in Lebanon in the 1980s, the 1982 Israeli massacre of roughly 3 thousand Palestinian refugees at Shatila and Sabra - presided over by then-Israeli General Ariel Sharon. In the early 1990s, things are looking pretty good with Oslo and the Peace Accords... Arafat and then-Israeli PM Yitzkah Rabin winning the Nobel Peace Prize, things seemed good. Then, in 1996, Israeli extremist assassinated Yitzkah Rabin, halting the peace process. Israeli forces killed a top bombmaker for Shiek Ahmed Yassin's Hamas, and Hamas retaliated with multiple bus bombs. I obviously don't condone this, but the fact is that the Israeli Government made it possible by doing two things: 1) By oppressing the Palestinians in the first place, creating a sense of loathing and 2) By keeping the P.L.O. in such a state of disrepair that they hadn't the power to keep Hamas under control. Then in 2000 there was the last long-shot at making things work with a dual-state. Arafat held out for more land and didn't get it. The Second Intifada began when Sharon visited a controversial Temple. In that Intifada, roughly 3 times more Palestinians have died than Israelis. More than 20,000 Palestinian homes have been razed. Israel has continued to build illegal settlements in Palestinian territory, further displacing the Palestinians. Note that the Palestinians are virtually cut off from all sources of fresh water. Consider the martial law that has been implemented in Palestinian territories in the last 5 years. The checkpoints. After wittnessing the way the state ran, South African Archbishop, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and champion of the anti-Apartheid campaign in South Africa Desmond Tutu said that Israel reminded him of the South African apartheid. Nelson Mandela said the same. Here's another great fun fact: the Israeli government was the largest arms trader with South Africa during the apartheid.
hope that puts zionism into perpective. zionism blows period.
by armake25 November 12, 2007
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A phenomenon (frame) that views Christianity as a subset of Judaism (in deterministic time).

In contrast to meta-Zionism which views Christianity as a subset of Hinduism and Judaism as a subset of Christianity (in emergentistic time).
Zionism is a convergentist (divergentist) phenomenon that would be self-referentialized into a Hindu-Christian religious synthesis known as "Emergence."
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by tomorrowtomorrow January 01, 2019
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