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When an extremely attractive female defecates squatting atop a glass table, while a male lies face up underneath the table to watch.
"She's so hot, I'd glass table her any day"
by Anonymous Abe January 02, 2008
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when you cum on a girls face then wash it off with piss...looks like a streaky glass table!!!
she was upset when I unloaded on he face, so I finished it like a glass table!
by Krazzzy November 04, 2006
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1) one-upping someone by buying a glass table and interrupting them in the middle of a story to talk about how shiny it is

2) a complicated ritual for one-upping someone during a threesome.
1) Anne: Hey, I just got a sweet deal on a brand new car! It's a...
Lynn: (interrupting) I just bought a brand new glass dining room table.
Anne: to friends Oh my God, Lynn totally glass tabled me.

2) Anne: So Lynn and my husband were totally leaving me out in the middle of a threesome, so I glass tabled her.
Joseph: You WHAT?!
Anne: Y'know, she had her eyes closed, ignoring me, so I sat on her face.
by Doug E Fresh Barcelona February 07, 2010
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