When an extremely attractive female defecates squatting atop a glass table, while a male lies face up underneath the table to watch.
"She's so hot, I'd glass table her any day"
by Anonymous Abe January 3, 2008
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when you cum on a girls face then wash it off with piss...looks like a streaky glass table!!!
she was upset when I unloaded on he face, so I finished it like a glass table!
by Krazzzy November 5, 2006
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1) one-upping someone by buying a glass table and interrupting them in the middle of a story to talk about how shiny it is

2) a complicated ritual for one-upping someone during a threesome.
1) Anne: Hey, I just got a sweet deal on a brand new car! It's a...
Lynn: (interrupting) I just bought a brand new glass dining room table.
Anne: to friends Oh my God, Lynn totally glass tabled me.

2) Anne: So Lynn and my husband were totally leaving me out in the middle of a threesome, so I glass tabled her.
Joseph: You WHAT?!
Anne: Y'know, she had her eyes closed, ignoring me, so I sat on her face.
by Doug E Fresh Barcelona February 8, 2010
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A girl who is down to snort Coke or other drugs off a glass table, usually in excess and can out do most people at the party but holds her own. A glass table girl is sad or lonely, but on the outside you'd never be able to tell. Glass table girls are enchanting to men. Attracted to guys who have an interesting life story similar to their own and are out to make it big.
I can't get a read on this girl, she's kind of intimidating but I can't keep away from her, and she is down to do one drugs. She's my glass table girl.
by Xo420boomboom December 12, 2015
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party girls. girls that aren't averse to snorting cocaine

song by the weeknd
I wanna party with some glass table girls tonight
by harrietandrose February 4, 2015
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What you need to do is squash you genitals underneath you while you are sitting on a glass table and take a photo from below.

If you are in a customer service role, you can give it/send it to customers who are unbelievably stupid or rude as a way of letting them know how little you care about their issues.
A: "This guy says there is a blackout in his area and wants to know why his Internet isn’t working."
B: "Send him the Old Glass Table and tell him to wait 30 minutes before his Internet will come back on."
by OldGlassTable November 10, 2009
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A metaphor for the larger thing being destroyed in an attempt to eliminate a much smaller thing.
The conservative justices might have noted that 'voting fraud', which several states claim they are trying to prevent, is essentially nonexistent. As one federal judge put it, such laws are akin to using “a sledgehammer to hit an imaginary fly on a glass coffee table.”
by Monkey's Dad July 2, 2021
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