adj. To have a beautiful figure/physique but a substandard or repulsive facial appearance.

Can be used in conjunction with "butterface" (n.)
That stripper is moogly!
by Mango January 2, 2003
a nice way of saying ugly to another
1: hows my hair?
2: (gasp)
1: well?
2: its um...very moogly

by chicken 'n waffles November 20, 2007
A hint uglier thanplain old ugly
She's not just ugly, she's mooglie!
by She ain't mooglie May 23, 2004
Moogly Jooblies is a womans rack, the kind that wobble side to side while she walks.
Damn Matt, check out the moogly jooblies on that beautch!!
by PHV Overlord July 18, 2006
"WOW! You made me a sandwich! You're such a googly moogly."
by Aych Tour October 6, 2013
when a guy has a big and juicy wang!
dayyyym, oogly moogly that thang is jucay!!
by jellinfish July 20, 2006