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The act of getting fucked by an insurance company who declines to pay an injured victim for the sake of its profit margin.
Ed was injured in an accident when he was T-boned by Frank who ran a red light at the intersection. Ed was then insured by Mercury Insurance (Frank's insurance) who offered him $250 to get lost.
by Maddog May 21, 2014
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The coming together of minds to create spiritual music
Your local community workshop, a hot bed for unsigned musical talent
by Maddog May 22, 2004
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The placing of toilet tissue within the toilet bowl in order to reduce the noise made from faeces hitting the water
god damn it, no one wants to hear yourdepth charge's, lay down a pap baffle!
by Maddog May 23, 2004
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Given to a man/woman who has the duty to pleasure two girls at once using his fingers making a machine-gun like motion whilst in the process.
WOW! that guy is a real machinegunner look at him pleasure those bitches
by Maddog August 25, 2003
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the introduction of cider to the rectum to evacuate the bowels and kill parasitic worms
have you a tried a cider enema for that yet?
by Maddog May 22, 2004
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1) Abbreviation to Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.
2) A show on TNN (also known as Spike TV) where Japanese people do stupid stuff and usually end up hurting themselves.
Yo, dawg, did you see that MXC where that girl got hit in the face with a soccer ball?
by Maddog August 23, 2003
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