Place where metal is hammered, wood shaved, solder melted (and fingers burned).
"Anyone who uses the word workshop outside of light engineering is a twat." Alexei Sayle
by pedantPlusPlus March 23, 2005
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Term dancers, choreographers, playas use.
Everyone believes you're hustlin' but you're really out lookin' for some wet pussy.
If you're in the neighborhood, join me for a dance workshop I'm teaching this weekend.
by Ms. Trouble August 8, 2012
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One of the absolute gayest books assigned to complete in highschool. It has words you must learn and it asks questions about those words and it is a complete pain in the ass. There were sites where you could find answers to these but they quickly got shut down. All these books are are a pain in the ass.
Jeff- "Hey Jim, do you want to go catch a movie?" Jim-"No, sorry Jeff I have to go do vocabulary workshop for 2 hours maybe in a year or so"
by mikeylyle August 22, 2006
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Manufacturers of wargaming miniatures and rules for using such. Critics describe their work as one-dimensional, overpriced, larger than scale, and decry their habit of invalidating entire ranges of miniatures by redrafting rulebooks every four years. Adherents praise their work as accessible, market leading, pioneering new scales for detailing purposes, and utilising the latest in bleeding edge demographic-tailored marketing strategies.

What is certain is that through shipstone operations on allied companies, a clever exclusivity campaign and various strategies they have become the largest wargaming company in the world; Though, in spite of their claim, not the only one.
a:"Games Workshop just released a new edition of Warhammer!"
b:"Gee, after five tries, you think they'd get it right . . . "
by D F Stuckey February 21, 2004
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Where the best (or worst) user-created items go for Steam games such as Team Fortress 2 and Gmod.
Guy 1: Hey, you saw that one taunt for Medic on the Steam Workshop?
Guy 2: Yeah, along with some crappy FNAF fanboy's fanfic-mod thing. Yeck.
by ForgedBro1987 September 7, 2015
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a wicked skate brand that has some cool pictures as decks. there only a minor brand but still need to be recognised
what deck do you have if its not alien workshop your missing out
by Mc Degreez August 22, 2006
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when you really want to call someone a tool but the singular "tool" doesn't cover the tool-ness of the situation. A Yankee Workshop is a glorified tool shed which is where you keep any number of tools.
Dude 1: Are you seeing X right now? He's being a complete tool.
Dude 2: Nah man, X's being a fucking yankee workshop!
by tenragan September 1, 2017
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