1. when two people are within eachothers minds, without boundaries
2. of or involved in sex
3. something personal
i walked in on something a bit too intimate for me to see between my friend and some guy.
by suburban scum June 4, 2005
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One who is intimidating. A modern and fresh option for the timid to quickly and succinctly highlight the object of their terror or one who is in a state of being intimidated
Shit, she's hella cute! I'm way too intims to talk to her! Or: That bitch is fly AF, she's got her shit on lock, hella intims!
by Massivetrauma June 18, 2018
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Having an intimate personal relationship or connection to ones self only. A person can be bisexual but only a-intimate.
Pete loves having sex with anyone, but he doesn't date anyone because he is a-intimate. Many sociopaths are a-intimate because they can't develop feelings for anyone but themselves.
by GiantMU June 2, 2021
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untimely, inopportune.
Due to yours intimous decision. the labourers are all on strike now.
by uttam maharjan June 18, 2010
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Two neighbors who are having a sexually and romantic fling.
We're Intimate Neighbors Amanda! Shall we eat out or shall I eat you out Amanda?
by Peiter October 10, 2008
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The act of ones erection taking place during an intimate conversation with a spouse or loved one.
"We made up, we kissed and I got an intimate boner."
by Nuccuh November 22, 2011
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