An epic game played on a single wall that probably originated somewhere in Encinitas, California. Several people start off at first, hitting the red ball (about the size of a tether ball) against the wall. The server chooses order. The ball must bounce (only once) before hitting the wall, then the next person catches or hits it after no or one bounce(s). The server can call certain things, such as Sudden Death (only hits). One is out if they fail to hit the ball or follow any of the other rules on their turn. Last standing wins.

In some forms of the game, players are allowed to rainbow (go under the ball) for their turn.

A version of a game called wallball, which is the same as Elimination except its only two people.
Elimination is the best game invented that you can play on a wall.
by Pwnz99 January 10, 2011
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The signature cocktail of the infamous Kelsey's bar, Leamington Spa. It's full name is 'the redbull eliminator' although due to cutbacks, it no longer contains the well known (expensive?) energy drink redbull.

It is currently only available in 4 pint pitchers at about £9.50, and easily recognisable by it's eerie, unnatural green colour. It might be translucent or opaque depending on the skill of the bar staff on duty and availability of the ingredients at the ungodly hour you decide to order one.

4-6 shots (straight from the top shelf, mainly shitty cheap-yet-strong vodka)
2-3 cans of 'kick' (or whatever cheap energy drink happens to be available)
A pint of wine (actually it was lambrini, until an even cheaper alternative called lambrusco or something was found... guess the recession's Kelsey's pretty hard)
Topped up to the 4pint mark with fruit juice (mainly nasty orange juice straight from the costcutters round the corner)

Basically the ideal drink if you're stuck in Kelsey's during the early hours, wondering where the night/your life went wrong, when suddenly the idea hits you: 'I wonder if I can get absolutely fucked off my face for around a tenner?'

That said, it does actually taste pretty good.
Bon appetit!
A: Fancy getting trashed with me tonight?
B: Yeah, go on then
A: Shall we split a jug of eliminator?
B: *sigh* go on then...

**about 3pm the next day**

B: Yeah mate, I just chundered, everywhere!
A: Eliminator was a bad choice!
by TheAquaticRapist May 25, 2010
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Basically screwing up big time.

By eliminating A, you get rid of a dominant strategy containing a mixed Nash Equilibrium. This is a big no-no.
Consuelo: "I eliminated A!"
You: "Wow, you can't screw up much worse than eliminating A..."
by lmuecon February 11, 2011
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Eliminated is like getting 'killed' I often saw it in games like fun run arena. It's used in games often like there's 6 people in a contest but there must only be 3 winners so each round, the worst people's will be eliminated until there are only 3 people left so equals 3 winners! (Hope y'all understand!)
'Hey there folks! So here is the arena, in each round one person will be eliminated until there is left with three person! On your mark,get set.....GO!'
by Lpshannah July 14, 2017
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A pretty epic group of people. Their origins don't need to be discussed, they're just cool.
Have you heard of Elimin? I heard it's cool as hell.
by itsgeorgelol September 16, 2020
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n. (noun) / e-limmy-nate

A cyber trap artist... in Disciple. He was known for his unique, and eargasmic basses, starts a song with "Elimination is imminent." and accidentally turns any audio into a fart.

He was known to be Virtual Riot's best friend, and collaborated with Shaquille O'Neal aka Diesel for a song called "Tear It Up".
Person 1: "yo look virtual riot best friend released a new track"
Person 2: "yo this eliminate guy is cool"
Person 1: "..."
by wildk4t March 5, 2023
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The word Eliminate in the sentence on the screen when you start a game of call of duty 4 "Eliminate All Enemies" gives you every right in hell to completely fucking own everyones face off with either a semi-automatic weapon, a fully automatic weapon or some type of weapon that will comepletely blow every organ in their body onto the walls and make the walls more lively looking.
by T Sapiel June 28, 2008
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