921 definition by Light Joker

acting like one is superior to others, condescending
I hate that bastard's holier-than-thou attitude.
by Light Joker December 19, 2006

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a promiscuous woman (see also slut)
She must be the biggest tramp ever.
by Light Joker July 09, 2005

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a person who stores anything they acquire and will discard none of it.
My dad is such a pack rat. He still stores his stuff in my mom's house despite the fact that he is no longer married to her.
by Light Joker June 29, 2005

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the police (see also fuzz station)
If the fuzz find out where you are hiding, I won't help you.
by Light Joker June 11, 2005

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an expressionless face(becuase people keep thier faces expressionless during a game of poker)
Why does he always have a poker face all the time?
by Light Joker June 08, 2005

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summed up, condensed
The truth in a nutshell is that I knew nothing of politicis until I heard my mom's opinion on the war.
by Light Joker August 11, 2007

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1. prestigious

2. high quality

3. elegant or stylish
Who needs those classy restaurants when you can get a good meal at Boston Market?
by Light Joker November 17, 2005

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