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to cause something to surface in one's memory
Does what I just said ring a bell?
by Light Joker February 05, 2007
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That kid is such a riot. I couldn't stop laughing when he told that joke.
by Light Joker February 01, 2005
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smelly, obnoxious, offensive, foul smelling,
The air was so damn ripe out there. I felt like I was on a farm.
by Light Joker December 03, 2006
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a driver who takes too much space on the road.
If it were not for that road hog, he would have gotten to work on time
by Light Joker December 16, 2004
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1. ice cubes

2. the tesicals (see also rock, stones, on the rocks)

That punk got me right in the rocks.
by Light Joker October 23, 2005
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