How retards spell 'intelligence'.

See also: intellegence.
muh intelegence IQ is 35!!!111!!!!111111~
by CaptainObvious032 August 15, 2010
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If you spell it this way, you clearly don't have it
Tommy tried to show off his "intelegence" but he really just came off like a moron for not knowing how to spell
by Escobar Crews December 8, 2020
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Not intelligent. Check out hot or not for people who think they are intelegant :)
I am intelegant and sexy.
by BeeBee August 17, 2004
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stupid, or smart at certian things but basiclly an excuse for being a dumbasss
the boy got the easiest question wrong but said it was ok beacuse he is selectivly intelegent
by parrrrrvin April 13, 2004
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Not smart enough to me a smart ass, but yet not dumb enough to be a dumb ass! Someone of average intellegence, but is yet still an ass
by naughty~girl September 14, 2004
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to be both wise and elegant
The queen gave off an intelegant vibe.
by oizyschild May 2, 2019
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