A potentialy awkward moment where a guy (generally) gets on one knee, pulls out a ring, and says, "Will you marry me!?" Then he waits desperatly for an Answer!
Woah! That guy is totally proposing to that girl in the middle of the freeway during rush hour traffic!!!!
by Benchamin February 4, 2014
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describes someone that is wife material or an ideal mate.
That girl is so proposable. She'd make a great mother.
by CC and YY March 25, 2006
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A: "Dude i proposed to my girlfriend"

B: "oh crap!"
by Nass666 November 2, 2009
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When, typically a male, gets down on bended knee and composes himself for a moment, all in an effort to ... readjust his posture and improve the ergonomics of jerking off at his computer station.

As technology improves and retina displays are available for purchase, countless hours of self mastery must be accompanied by proper ergonomics.
After many failed relationships, Jake was debating whether he should try the proposal. He took a knee and settled in for what was to be an extended session of left handed trackpadding and right handed tug toning, all while maintaing proper posture and good line of sight.
by greenspan November 28, 2012
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A proposition/deal & proposal/idea in one. An offer with a catch.
I have a PROPOSION for you, I'll give you $20 for the gourmet sandwhich, if you can provide free fries,unlimited napkins and a drink with it?
by HomeComic October 7, 2017
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To ask another to marry another.
"Did you here that Jerry proposed to Melody?"
"I'm getting married to day. Yea joey proposed to me"
"Dennis loves me. He's gunna propose to me on christmas"
by woahhhsierra420 December 24, 2008
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An occurrence or action carried out by another individual that is preposterous
“You saying that I slept with that woman is an absolute proposity
by Sharkbaitwhohaha November 25, 2018
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