When he was asked a question about the budget, it was clear that he was winging it and was unprepared for the question.
by John Cecil November 2, 2003
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To perform an act in an extremely shady or inept way.
To act like Todd Wing.
Did you guys get that job done right, or are you winging it?
by VFA-2 April 13, 2007
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When a couple of awesome dudes from Trent go to another university town, perhaps Guelph, randomly for events like "marathon monday" and have no idea where they're going or what they'll be doing. All they know is they love showing Guelph their SICK dance moves and how it's done in the cages :P
"Sarah!!! We're just winging it all day!!"
"I got ICED cause I was winging it"
"Lololololololololol I was wingin it soooo hard"
"Love winging it in Guelph! Soo much better than Trent!!"
by GuelphGirl :) May 30, 2011
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To go quickly either by vehicle or on foot.
Christ! That car was winging it
by Wise Man July 14, 2003
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The most beautiful, nice, loyal girl you could ever met! If you ever met a wing wing in life, don’t miss you chance cause you will regret it forever!
That girl over there is an angel, she is such a wing wing.
by Yoboy62847 January 12, 2020
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I slept through the lecture so when the quiz came, I had to wing it.
by R. Allemann November 3, 2003
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One of many contrived words that can be used when real words just aren't good enough.
This example uses the action verb form of the contrived word winge.

He's been whinging about the cold weather all day. Duh!!!
by Chas501 November 7, 2007
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