442 definition by Kevin

A hair weave and a pair of thighs.
Ja Rule and Ashanti
by Kevin November 16, 2003

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The true spelling of one that masturbates.
It's not "masterbater" or "masturbater," it's masturbator. Try spellcheck, pinheads.
by Kevin February 27, 2005

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A shitty TV station (I use that term LOOSELY, as they can't even be called TV, they're that bad) that tries to dictate what is "cool" and what isn't by brainwashing the world's youth. They show only 2 hours of "music" at MOST (and it's all crap), and the rest of the time they show "reality" TV. What's so real about living in a $4 million mansion with nothing to worry about but 6 other whiny teenagers yelling over bullshit (the "Real" World)? They took all their good shows off the air (Beavis & Butthead, Celebrity Deathmatch, etc.) and their one good show (Jackass) belongs on Comedy Central.
by Kevin September 02, 2003

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the correct way to spell/say this word. often used as anyways through misbelief.
I don't like you anyway.
by Kevin February 07, 2004

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A crystalline compound, C20H25N3O, derived from lysergic acid and used as a powerful hallucinogenic drug. Also called acid.
Wow that was some potent LSD.
by Kevin May 25, 2003

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The Turner's next-door neighboors and Mr. Turner's arch nemesis on Fairly Odd Parents. Has a pool and a perfectly kept garden. Somewhat concieded and something of a materialist. His wife looks exactly like himself, only with different hair and a high-pitched voice.
The judges are judging and the Dinkleburgs are Dinkleburging!
by Kevin July 25, 2004

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1)A word meaning good or exellent, hasn't been used seriously in decades
2)short for Supervisor
Gee whiz buddies, that'd be super!

My super's been completely breathing down my neck ever since he caught me looking at porn.
by Kevin March 24, 2005

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