1. The trademark phrase said by the Wii Sports Announcer that became an earape meme.

2. Something you yell when a friend gets hurt or vice versa.
Player: *scores in Wii Tennis*
Earrape Announcer: "N I C E S H O T !"

Friend: *gets hit with something*
Me: "Nice shot!
by Thundere~Chan May 1, 2019
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a term spoken when a mong has completed smoking his cannabis smoking instrument eg. a bong
CAMPBELL: right pod smoke this mountain cap m8.
POD: iii fuk campbell
(pod sparks up)
CAMPBELL: nice shot!
by Pod and Campbell April 24, 2005
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From the skill exercised by Lee Harvey Oswald in shooting President Kennedy through cover while in motion, this phrase denotes the respect one must have for the skill used in doing something you don't necessarily like.
"...And then his meme became so popular that it shut down the office email system and we were stuck without communication for two whole days. Nice shot, Oswald."
by Nwebb January 29, 2009
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failing to perform under pressure when you are heavily favored and stacked with talent.
Great, Mark Cuban's got a ring now...nice shot, LeBron.
by JimBo32 June 14, 2011
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