A WW2 based mod of half-life. You should not compare it with CS since the two are completely different exept for the fact that its a first person shooter with 2 teams.
by jay January 25, 2004
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A game that is not 1, not2, but infinite steps up from Counter-Strike, which is a favorite of close-minded individuals and infantile morons.
Among the countless advantages of Day of Defeat, you do not get as many immature little kids complaining about hackers, and the damage level and recoil is such that the game requires skill and is a learning process.
by BlastMaster May 15, 2003
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Counter Strike is NOT better than this game. But I am not comparing them because they are worlds of difference. Day of Defeat is a WWII deathmatch game that involves capturing flags by standing near them. You can pick from 6 classes of weapons. While each has a secondary weapon (excluding the rifle). There is a Rifle (k98 on axis and M1 Garand on allies), Assault (Thompson on the allies and mp40 on axis), Support (BAR on allies, and mp44 on axis). There is also Sniper (Springfield on allies, and k98 scoped on axis), Machine Gun (MG42 on axis and I'm not sure what the american MG is called). Last but not worst, is the Rocket. Panzerschrek on axis, and Bazooka on allies. The game features real, town maps that were involved in the war, and other maps that are just fun to play, like orange_fight_arena.
Day of Defeat is an amazing game, it's fun and you get to kill stuff.
by dragon1037 September 13, 2006
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A game that is the step up from Counter-Strike. All lamers who play Counter-Strike MUST graduate to Day Of Defeat and spawn camp like hell in order to survive in the internet world.
Patrick loves teh day of defeat because snipa owns him
by abtm February 23, 2003
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Best game;Way better than that noob game jack, Scott, and Mike play
Scoot says Noobiestrike is better thasn Day of Defeat, when hes never played it.
by Sclass12 October 19, 2003
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a HL MOD that PWNS UR MOTHER! roxors many other nub mods like counter-strike ,tfc, and dmc ect. dont buy dod retail cause if u do ur teh flamez!Buy reg HL and download the mods ;-).
I went to the store and bought half-life instead of the retail mods, becuase i am not a nub.
by Beast November 15, 2003
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