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a slang word combining fecal and fetus.
by pip December 02, 2003
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(n) The unborn offspring of a homosexual male from the end of the eighth week after conception (between a sperm and feces) up to the time of birth which normally occurs through the anus.
After being troubled for many weeks, Robbie decided to abort the fecus after the first trimester.
by niggamac May 12, 2008
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After two gay men have sex, sometimes one is impregnated through the anus. The name for a fetus passed through the anus is fecus. It's usually dead, but on a rare occasion, a live fecus may be born. A.K.A. Anal miscarraige.

Also see skleet, the verb of passing a fecus.
Dude, I was taking a shit, and bam! There was this bloody fecus in the toilet!
by Grady123 February 02, 2008
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A cross between the word fecal and anus. Often used by people who are obsessed with feces and who are prone to anal-retentiveness. Also may be used by people who have an obsession with saying the word "anus".
"I'm feeling like fecus today."
by lephermessiah September 18, 2004
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when an elephant inserts its trunk into the anus of another elephant and consumes the excrement, the poop, not ever having touched the ground is known as fecus.
by the superheroes February 08, 2018
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