comes from the south indian language of malayalam. it means to fart, or farted, or the act of farting. typical action after eating something or done for no particular reason while walking
he let out a pori
by kenny June 22, 2004
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Means someone who’s life has been ruined by their parents.
She is a pori, poor little girl.
by StilesNoir July 5, 2020
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(noun) A stunning creature of high intelligence that enjoys devouring stupid humans.
Haha, that Pory just ate your mom!
by Meg April 10, 2003
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A story that is written poetically, or a poem that tells a story.
person 1: I read Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow this weekend, and man is it long!

person 2: Yeah that's one of the longest Porys I've read, though my favorite would have to be The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe
by phone January 6, 2008
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Princess, gets what she wants definitely a belle at the ball everyone’s always looking at her
She was seen as a Pori
by Cokobird July 15, 2022
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