To screw up, wipe out, or otherwise make a mistake.
Guy #1: <falls off bike> OW! Shit, man!

Guy #2: Dude, you biffed!

by laura jane December 21, 2006
a northen term for cigarette, but can also be used to discribe a "joint"
"lend me a biff mate?"

"shall i roll a biff?"
by loomer August 31, 2007
v. To mess something up, specifically a physical activity.
I was coming down the mountain on my snowboard when I biffed.
by The Grammar Nazi December 3, 2001
"When running on Woodward, Verbeek biffed pretty bad."
by Insane V April 14, 2004
a womans naughty area aka pussy, fanny and so on
To girl: Show us ya biff!!!

Dude i slip her one in the biff last nite
by Gibb, The one and only November 12, 2006
To lob, throw or transport an object to a location.
Gat - "Biff the grenade over there for a primo frag!"
by GatQuotes December 28, 2011
1. A bestie, best friend
originally derived from the common acronym BFF: best friend forever
When said out loud, is pronounced like "biff"
Taytay and Alec are always together. They're like biffs.
by michthebitch September 10, 2009