a girl who is very very sexy who i'd like to bang ten million times til i die!!!
Chrissy is a sexy girl!!!
I'd hit it!!!
by jose or smiley December 27, 2006
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A tall beautiful woman who men cannot resist fawning over. A stealer of men's hearts.
"Wow, Tessa is such a sexy girl! I cannot resist her beauty!"
by orangecoloredsky February 27, 2015
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The sexy girl is the clown of the friend group and is not necessarily a female themselves. They frequently say "you look really smart" in a condescending manner to compensate for their insecurities. Every time the sexy girl is mad they threaten to sue you to scare you into being nice to them but we all got over their bullshit anyway. They suck at cooking chicken and they have a depressing Kanye West addiction.
Hey David, did you see the sexy girl???
by beyond repair February 25, 2021
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a girl that is soo sexy and makes boys cum and boys also say ahh sometimes lol
that girl is soo sexy ahh i want to cum!
sexy girl ahh i want to cum!
by cool66 August 13, 2022
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I don't know why the hell people put pics of them naked on google but they do and it's nice to look at, but I would not do that cuz. if you wanna look at them then in google, type sexy girl naked images.
person 1: i like looking at those pics
person 2: what pics?
person 1: sexy girls naked pics on google
person 2: ooo la la la!
by unknown weirdo matic January 27, 2021
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That one xc girl who is pale from her anemia, she listens to my chemical romance on the way to meets and motivates herself with her live wallpaper of Gerard Way.
Person 1) did you see Ceci’s black leather jacket and my chemical romance shirt?
Person 2) yeah, she is such a hot sexy runner goth girl.
by Ememmy October 18, 2021
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