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The art of facial and bodily contortion associated with re-enacting famous scenes from Blue Peter cica 1978. Joey deacon was renowned as the "prince among Mongs" or His lack of basic motor Neurone function was world renowned.
stop being such a spaz you Joey deacon
by Karlos June 29, 2004

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A systems engineer that has sex with computers and dry humps other system engineers
Richard stop humping the computer you fucking homotron.
by Karlos April 18, 2005

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A person who has an active intrest in doing a good job of eating a girl out. They perform the deed with such quality and skill that they should be deemed professioal and paid for the work that the complete.
Last night Karlos was a professional canoe cleaner.
by karlos February 22, 2005

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the small dangly protuberance found betwixt most gentlemens legs, not found on Mark Dixon. see Mark Dixon. Generally used for urinating and putting in vaginal or rectal orrifices, not to be confused with the a wizards sleeve
" I cannot help but manipulate my felshy nozzle until it pukes sticky white love piss"
by Karlos August 19, 2003

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the steam generated from profuse and violent sexual congress between two gentlemen. See Mark Dixon
"Christ you can smell the bell smoke"
by Karlos August 15, 2003

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Man or woman capable of devouring at least 1 pint of gentlemens relish . See Mark Almond and Mark Dixon
I had a great night at the gang Bang mark dixon was a real spunk hoover
by Karlos April 02, 2004

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People with origins based in Essex, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Barnsley, all of the USA- bar San fran, LA and New York (anyone with a passport). Stupid people incapable of rational thought processes, love Bush, The mail and fanny packs
Bush is such a peasant it frightens me
by Karlos July 22, 2004

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